1. Bed Bug Biology and How They Impact Human

    THIS IS ALREADY MAKING ME ITCH!      Bed Bug Biology and How They Impact Human Bed bugs are not strange creatures at all. They may be small and flattened insects, but their piercing mouth-parts make them strong enough to feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals (including humans). Identifying them is pretty easy if you know what to look out for. They are wingless and get to the size of an appl…Read More

  2. How to: Properly inspecting for Cockroach infestations

    First things first, keep in mind that inspecting for roaches can be as easy as riding a bike for the first time or as hard as passing your drivers test. Either way, it can be a hard task to achieve. Here, we are going to show you step by step ways to inspect, verify, and prevent German cockroaches from infesting your home. Whether you are in the Howard, Baltimore, Montgomery, Prince Georges or su…Read More