At Home Advantage Pest, our residential extermination efforts are always delivered through a systematic, yet customized, process that ensures the complete eradication of your pest problem. Offering solutions that have been developed for your particular environment, and type of pest involved, we work to both exterminate dangerous and damaging insects and rodents, and to keep them away for the long term.

We go above and beyond your traditional pest control company by providing homeowners first-rate preventative plans that keep pests from invading. Understanding that local homeowners look to protect their families and their surrounding environment, we approach our job with proven and safe solutions. Maintaining the health, safety and structural integrity of your home, our plans are engineered to be both highly affordable and effective.

Our team of highly trained technicians has extensive knowledge about the region’s common household pests. We employ these measures to eradicate pest populations in and around your home while discouraging them from returning. With package plans starting as low as $49, we strive to make it easy and affordable for you to be free of annoying pests.