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Bed Bug Biology and How They Impact Human

Bed bugs are not strange creatures at all. They may be small and flattened insects, but their piercing mouth-parts make them strong enough to feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals (including humans). Identifying them is pretty easy if you know what to look out for. They are wingless and get to the size of an apple seed when fully grown.

In the event when an infestation gets severe, they give off a sickening stench that can become quite overpowering. Guess what, these insects still carry themselves around graciously without caring about their body odor problem.

Bed bugs are able to reproduce prolifically. Most times, during extermination, experts can encounter thousands of bed bugs in a single mattress. Bed bugs are also able to spread to adjacent apartment houses if they are not quickly controlled, so one infested room can quickly escalate a bed bug problem in the entire house.

This threat has resulted in most landlords requiring that new tenants invite exterminators to inspect their property before moving in. On the other hand, tenants often hire exterminators to inspect their apartments before moving into them. If the exterminators find bed bugs in the apartment, the potential tenants either ask that the landlord treat the apartment or they move somewhere else.

Bed bug Biology
Bed bugs are parasites, but unlike most others, bed bugs don’t live in the body of the host. Instead, they live close to where their hosts sleep, usually in beds and chairs. It is important to note, however, that they can also live in any other place in the room, where the person sleeps. As they increase in number, they will begin to spread to other rooms.

Their tiny size gives them the ability to live in cracks and other hidden parts where you would not be able to see them unless you are an expert pest control specialist. You will often find them behind switch plates, in beds, mattresses, and in picture frames.

Adult female bed bugs are able to lay between two to four eggs daily in furnishings, upholstery, or any other place they live. This doesn’t mean, however, that they are winning any award for being the best mothers. Apart from laying eggs where the young bed bugs will easily find a meal, mother bed bugs do not show any more kindness to their young ones after birth. The young bed bugs take charge of themselves from when they are hatched.

The young bed bugs hatch after three weeks of the eggs being laid. Once hatched, they set out to look for a blood meal. They undergo five stages before reaching adulthood and this would usually last between one to two months.

Bed Bug extermination has become a very big business in most parts of the world. In fact, most Baltimore bed bug control firms have specially equipped trucks for this purpose.

Bed bugs and Human Health
Like most other parasitic organisms that suck human blood for a living, bed bugs are pretty gross. There are situations where they even go gross in exterminators.

When it comes to actual health risk, the bites of bed bugs affect people differently. While some people develop terrible rashes and intense itching from bed bug bites, others do not react so much.

When it comes to actual disease transmission, bed bugs are recorded to have the ability of transmitting Chagas disease, relapsing fever and in some extreme cases hepatitis. Apart from disease transmission, the bites of bed bugs are also pretty annoying and can lead to possible infection. Some people are sensitive to these bites and can develop serious skin conditions from it.

Bed bug and Sanitation
Unlike most other pest problems, obsessive cleanliness is not exactly a guarantee that you will be able to avoid bedbug problems. However, being clean helps to an extent.

Despite the fact that bed bugs do not care about cleanliness or dirtiness, constant cleaning will still reduce the chances of occasional stray bed bugs establishing themselves in your home.
That being said, you should note that bed bugs can infest even the cleanest homes; so keeping a clean home is not a guarantee, although it reduces the risk.

The best line of action is to occasionally invite a reputable bedbug examination company to inspect your home. We are a professional bedbug control company and we are based in Baltimore Maryland. Our operation extends to areas around.

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