First things first, keep in mind that inspecting for roaches can be as easy as riding a bike for the first time or as hard as passing your drivers test. Either way, it can be a hard task to achieve. Here, we are going to show you step by step ways to inspect, verify, and prevent German cockroaches from infesting your home. Whether you are in the Howard, Baltimore, Montgomery, Prince Georges or surrounding counties we are here to help eradicate your everyday pest needs.

Step 1: The Obvious

In step one we’ll state the obvious. LOOK AROUND. Cockroaches in their natural habit love to wonder (forage) and look for food and water. Even though they would rather hide from you, if they feel safe enough to forage they will. Unfortunately when you see one, more than likely there’s a lot more. Pregnant roaches can carry up to 48 eggs within their ootheca (egg sac). If you see one female roach, there’s probably many more!

Back on topic! If you go to inspect your home and find one or more roaches crawling around freely, you need a treatment before it gets out of hand. Call Home Advantage Pest for services and pricing.

Step 2: Hiding Places

Education on where to inspect for roaches can be detrimental to achieving this task. Using a flashlight to properly inspect these hiding places will sometimes provide all the evidence you need in determining whether you have roaches or not.

In order for cockroaches to feel safe, they tend to squeeze in between small cracks and crevices. This trait is call Thigmotaxis or a thigmotatic state of being. The images shown above are a few places within your cabinets where cockroaches love to hide and nest. Ofcourse, because roaches are not limited to these areas, they will nest in other environments throughout your home.

Step 3: Places of High Moisture

As mentioned, cockroaches, just like human need three elements to survive. Water, harborage, and food. These elements are vital to both reproduction and life cycle. Places like your dishwashers, under your sinks throughout your home, and drains are all places where you can inspect and find roach activity. Why? Well, this is where roaches will find water to thrive. Keeping these areas as dry as possible inflicts thirst among roaches and is a great way to eradicate your pest.

Step 4: Moisture and Heat 

Two of the most important places that you will want to inspect are behind your Stove and Refrigerator. ROACHES LOVE THESE AREAS!!

Why would a cockroach want to nest behind my stove? Or my fridge? This answer is pretty simple. Behind these appliances you not only have harborage (nesting area) but you have food and moisture. The three most important elements needed for a roach to survive and thrive in your home. Usually, when a technician from Home Advantage Pest comes out to your home to inspect for roaches, first thing that we do is pull out your fridge. Normally, this will tell us everything we need to know!

The heat naturally produced from your pilots within your stove provides a great nesting environment. For this reason, pulling out your stove essential to completing this task. BUT THE FRIDGE? Absolutely. Behind your fridge you have a motor that’s meant to keep it in operation. Of course, you need to keep your food from perishing. Unfortunately, not only does motor create the perfect heat for your roaches, but it also holds a substantial amount of moisture. Which makes the back of your fridge the perfect mixture for roach infestations.

Also keep in mind that pest like mice and ants also love these high moisture, high heat environments. If you ever experience mice, try pulling out your appliances. You’re almost guaranteed to find an entry point (hole).

What NOT to do

As you may already know, keeping food out is a NO NO. Just like human, roaches can also get all the water they need for the day from the food that they eat. Constantly cleaning, and drying your space behind yourself is critical to roach eradication. At this point, you’re implementing your own pest control and is a great way to keep the doctor (pest service) away.

Call Home Advantage Pest if you have any questions or need further information!